Man and woman affectionate love making in bed
Sex can be fun, inspiring, satisfying, and enjoyable. It can be beautiful. It is not man-made, it is God-given. It is an affair of the mind. When a wife has sexual relations with her husband out of duty rather than genuine desire it is nearly tragic. Such wife, in all probability, was conditioned to believe that sex is “shameful” or “dirty.” She is too inhibited to enjoy the sex act.

Sexual gratification is a mind-body (psycho-physical) phenomenon. It involves your mind– your mental attitude. Sex fulfillment is directly related to your physical and mental well-being, no matter how old you are. It influences all the organs of your body.

One can almost guess whether a person is sexually happy or unhappy, well adjusted or maladjusted– by his outward personality. The sexually frustrated individual is apt to be irritable, sarcastic, anti-social, and a chronic health-complainer. He is difficult to get along with. People who regard sex as something beautiful and enjoyable are often blessed with an inner serenity, a pleasant disposition that is reflected in their relationship with others.

One married woman who is sexually satisfied says, “My whole being is affected by the amount of love I receive from my husband. When I get respect, recognition, a feeling of togetherness, and sexual satisfaction, I am very happy. In fact, there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t do with and for my husband when he loves me and I am sexually satisfied. My disposition is all smiles. My health, both physically and mentally, is affected by sex and love. The times that sex is satisfactory, my physical health is better because I’m not tense. I’m more relaxed.”

That is an example of the interrelationship between health and sex-love satisfaction, as it affects thousands of wives. The wrong attitude about sex is often the deciding factor in what makes or breaks a marriage.

While there are exceptions, the generalization that people who have a happy sex life enjoy better health is valid.

Just what is considered good sex?

Good sex is:

  • Sex that is felt as an all-encompassing, body-soul experience.
  • Sex that is varied, planned, or spontaneous — especially when accompanied by unmistakable expressions (verbal or physical) of love.
  •   Sex that is enjoyed, not merely at the moment of orgasm, but from beginning to end by both partners.

Sex that is beautiful entails uninhibited techniques and overtones of the deepest sharing of pleasure and satisfaction.

When you develop the right mental attitude toward sex, you are on the road to sexual ecstasy.

Sex unhappiness with its sad consequences not only comes from a faulty attitude toward sex, but from ignorance in ways of making it exciting. Too many husbands think that it is merely a one-two-three exercise you perform in bed.

Many couples who cannot “get together” need nothing more than to be convinced that they have the capacity to change wrong attitudes about sex– that it can be satisfying, fun, and beautiful.

Good sex is two bodies and two minds sharing a joyous harmony. It sweeps away tensions, conflicts, and any despairs. It is a union of the most ecstatic kind of living and loving– and it brings you inward happiness and peace.