The meaning of sex is different for everybody. Many people think that it’s just some kind of satisfaction and release. But the majority of the people across the globe still don’t think that sex is just normal physical action, and they always focus their attention on the pleasant and strange feelings that it brings.

Woman seducing man in bedroomSexual intercourse always raises different feelings and expectations and if the partners don’t understand the impressive importance of sex in the same way, then it can lead to many unpleasant questions and situations. For the majority of men sex is only seen as a form of satisfaction and fun at the beginning of the relationship, while most of the women understand sex in a totally different way. The sensible and responsible women always think that sex is more than physical satisfaction. If this opinion is not shared by both partners, then the relationship will lead to nothing. It’s a really common situation which can be observed even in married couples. And, as you can guess, the only positive and acceptable way from this situation is divorce.

Many women have really hard time before making the decision to devote their body to their partner. The trust plays huge and significant role in their decision. If they respect their partner and feel that they will be loved and respected, then it’s easier for them to agree to have sexual intercourse. The fear that their partner will leave them immediately after the sex is huge, therefore, the only possible way to prevent this unpleasant situation is to learn more about the personality and way of life of your partner. Many women and men just don’t want to have sex if it means nothing more than just some quick fun. If you are one of them, then think about the future and how you are going to feel after sexual intercourse. Sometimes, just one pleasant night can quickly ruin your whole life, so be very careful and trust your partner before doing anything stupid.

If you decide to have sex with someone, then you have to understand that during sex different endorphins are released, the same chemical components which your body produces when you fall in love. You can find yourself in a really complicated situation created by natural chemical reactions in the brain. At the beginning, your positive feeling towards your partner will be strong and you can make a lot of mistakes. So, try to be real and responsible and don’t do anything unusual. As you already know, first of all, you have to understand the nature and intentions of your partner. If you both think that sex is just easy way to have fun then everything is okay. But it’s fairly unpleasant if the partner doesn’t respond with the same feelings and future plans as you expect.

Think about your expectations from having sex before going for it. If you think that sex is the best possible way for self-sufficiency and fun, then the consequences can be inevitable. You can harm your partner and destroy his or her needs, desires, and feelings faster than you can imagine. So, be very careful and respect people.