Mushy means sentimental, or as the word says, it is being influenced by tender feelings, well, whether it’s in a slow-motion or fast-forward manner. In direct-to-the-point language, it affects the emotion. In an even more direct-to-the-point language, it is emotion coming from the heart.

And anything that has the power to move the feeling, that is, of being sentimental, is understood as a female thing both by the female kind and more rightfully, by peers. Yup, that’s the mindset which has not quite changed until now–but with a difference. More and more men are admitting that they are mushy.

It may not be in direct (“I am mushy”), but expressed as acts of being mushy (“I just fell in love with Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman”). They show that if guys cannot be honest about it, at least, they are ready to recognize the state of being, maybe unconsciously.Romantic Couple

And when anything is mushy, it gets the status of being corny immediately. Some call it pathetic, maudlin, or mawkish. They all mean one and the same thing. And guys who are like this are supposed to be mushy. Stereotype says that men have to be manly, like, use their brain and use their muscles. But mushy men are using their heart to strike the difference.

Why have men turned mushy all of a sudden? “Sudden” is not the right word. Guys have been converting into feeling beings for quite sometime already, maybe, in the last decade of the old millennium or so. But they were keeping it to themselves for fear that they would be discovered and become the butt of jokes of other men and something which they would find hard to accept.

Look what I got! An editor I write for, admitted quite frankly that he’s mushy. And he did that without me asking about it. Why? He’s into watching Sleepless In Seattle type of movies and he’s playing Because You Loved Me, the OST of the Up Close and Personal movie, repeatedly in his 4×4’s CD player.

And he’s a straight male, not just some kind of a poser. He’s into cars and computers and as far as I know, he married his girlfriend after having a live-out relationship with her for quite some time. He simply adores women. The night we went out for a photo shoot-cum-interview for the new men’s glossy that he’s editing, he had to fetch an actress type, I guess, to entertain him afterwards.

And then there’s this photographer who just had to give his two-cents-worth input. He said that he was the mushiest of them all. Finally, he had decided to marry his girlfriend who’s working abroad, when she comes home very soon. As if I am not aware that he has had children by different women in this girlfriend’s absence.

Mush? Nah, mushier!

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