Are you not able to find the language to express your love? Are you not able to express what is there in your heart to your loved one? Man whispering to his girlfriendAre you trying hard to understand what love is but are not able to do so? The answer to all these questions is quite simple. Most people do not know but there are different languages of love that can be used to express your heart’s true feelings to your loved ones. These languages are not the same as English, Spanish or German but they are the best to describe your love for your partner. There are basically five different languages of love. These are given below:

#1: Comfort Words

This language corresponds to some of the things that people love to hear from their loved ones. These include words that provide comfort to the other person and which show your love for the other person. These are a very effective way of telling that you care and your love is pure and true.

#2: Gifts

There are many people who get very excited when they receive gifts from other people. One of the best ways to tell someone that you love him or her is by giving that person gifts. Gifts have become a norm these days. The type of gift reveals the extent to which a person can go to satisfy the needs and the desires of the other person.

#3: Acts of Service

There are certain things that can bridge gaps and make love stronger for people. Things such as bringing the morning tea, making breakfast for your loved one can show how much you care for him or her. These acts of service depict that you are attentive to the needs to your partner and would do anything to make him or her feel good.

#4: Time

Time is one of those things that can strengthen your relationship. The more time you spend with your loved one, the stronger will be your bond. If you want someone to believe that you are in love with him or her, then you need to spend time with that person. Giving your full attention and your precious time to your beloved would make him or her feel that you are in love.

#5: Touch

This is by far the most important language of love. A relationship is incomplete without touch. This is one of the easiest and the most effective way of telling that you care. A simple touch can bring about feelings that may not come out by using any of the other languages of love.

These different languages of love are there to make your bond with your partner stronger and more loving so that you two enjoy a life full of happiness and joy.