Woman surprised while using laptop in bedroom

Some guys come home to a girlfriend cooking. Others might come home to their girlfriend watching a naughty video online. The first guy might not be surprised. However the second guy might just be a tad-bit surprised. Women aren’t supposed to watch porn was something that many people knew but didn’t speak of. Society has changed. So, if you’re still wondering why your girlfriend is watching porn, read on.

To Get Off

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that your girlfriend may want to get off. You being there is not relevant. She’ll just hop on the closest computer and start streaming any of the millions of porn videos available to the public; with or without you. And most guys would consider you a lucky guy if she likes what you like.

To Educate Herself

Porn has always been used for two things with guys: learn something or masturbation. Why would it be any different with a woman? Women like to learn things too. Count yourself a very lucky man if your woman is watching porn just to learn something new for you!

Comparing You

Like it or not your woman could be comparing you as a lover to a professional one. This isn’t always happening so you shouldn’t get all emotional. She may just be getting off. Then again she may just be comparing your tool to another man. Take it however you want. Some woman will use porn to compare, period.

Compare Herself

If the above hasn’t made you want to kill yourself, then perhaps this will make you a lot happier. If she is watching porn, she might be comparing herself to another woman. While you don’t have to worry about being critiqued, you will now have to worry about a potential emotional hurricane. If she feels inadequate you will know!


Some girls just want a hot, naked man to look at for a little while. Woman being half naked can be seen almost anywhere, especially at the beach. Men being half naked at the beach, yes, fully naked at the beach, that depends on what beach you go to. There aren’t many men that are naked and walking around for a woman to ogle with their eyes, and enjoy. So porn could be her way of getting it.

Your Porn

This is normally what happens. They are stumbling around on your computer and they come across a file, or files full of images and videos. They open to see a plethora of videos and images containing girl on girl, Asians, and whatever other erotic material you may have. They are naturally going to be curious and take a peek. That peek could last for a half hour or instantly become a 6 hour session of probing your darkest fantasies and deepest desires.

If your girl likes to watch porn, just ask her why. If this is your first time catching her watching porn, then you might want to start questioning a few things. Of course, she might just be getting turn on, and hoping you will join her.