Woman cheating on her boyfriendMen cheat. That is a well known fact. What is not a well known fact is how many married women cheat. Not surprisingly researchers have discovered that men still cheat more often then women especially married ones. However married women cheat as well, just not as much as their male counterparts. Nevertheless, here are the top 5 reasons why a woman might cheat on you.

You Did It First

Most women will cheat because their husbands or boyfriends did it first. They want to give them a taste of their own medicine. This is a “signal” that she was deeply hurt by what her partner did and wants him to feel the same exact way. Is it the best way to do so? Maybe, but what would be the point of your both hurting?

Her Exit

She might find that cheating is her only way out of the relationship. This is why it is important for you to establish a “we can talk about anything” relationship. When she feels comfortable about talking with you about her concerns and fears she will be less likely to cheat on you and to lose you. This may or may not be your own fault. Some women simply find it an easier way to end a relationship.

Bored In the Bedroom

The same position, the same person, the same settings. They can all become a bit repetitive if you let them. If she feels like things are not getting any hotter, she will try to find it elsewhere. Kissing in public is exciting. As well as initiating a little surprise foreplay unexpectedly.

Emotional Redraw

Women are very emotional creatures. They don’t only want to be handled physically but verbally, mentally, and spiritually. This means sharing yourself with her. Had a bad day at work? Share it. Good news for an upcoming promotion? Let her in on it. When you share your world with her it gives her the feeling of being connected with you. Women will take a mental and spiritual connection over sex any day.

Not Enough Sex

Sometimes a woman just needs to get off. If you aren’t providing her with enough of it, she will eventually find it somewhere else. This shouldn’t be a hard thing to do for a guy. However, if you aren’t interested, and she is you have a problem.

Women cheat and men cheat. You can avoid that by taking measures to connect not only physically but emotionally as well. Let her in on your world and she will do the same for you. When both of you are on the same page you will see just how much easier it is to live, play, and work together.