As a couple you usually meet one another and are very happy. However things may change. The time spent together may dwindle and he may lose interest in you. Remember that men have a problem showing their emotions. So knowing if he is losing interest and even the love connection can be difficult. As a woman you need to learn the signs and actions that will tell you he still loves you!

Here are six actions that will let you know if he loves you.

1) What type of face does he put on when he first sees you? Does he smile? A smile is a good sign that he still loves you. Smiling even when he’s in a foul mood is an even great sign. It shows affection and caring.Man and Woman having an intimate dinner


2) Is he alert to what you are saying? Most of the time men will stray from what you are saying. They can’t even give you a specific keyword. Men that listen to you are showing respect and love. But remember that not all men are good at listening. It’s just a guy thing.


3) Does he call you just to talk to you? Some men will call just to hear your voice. They are usually the loving, kind, and gentle guys. Guys that don’t call you but want you to call them may love you, too. However if there is no calling at all then maybe something is up.


4) Is your daily routine of interest to him? Does he ask you how your day was? What you may have done that day? A general interest in what you do and how you did it is a good sign. It shows he cares!


5) Is he trying to see you often, even if it’s only for a few minutes? For a man to take out time in his day to try to see you is a good sign. It shows you that he wants to see you. He wants to communicate and share life. If this isn’t a sign of love, then I don’t know what is!


6) Is he cheap and frugal on you? This is a bad sign. It means he doesn’t value you. Now if he’s being cheap and frugal because he’s broke, then that’s different. But if he doesn’t want to share his wealth, skip him. Cheap guys are usually greedy and only care about themselves.


Not every guy can show affection very well. So only take these signs and actions as miniscule. Investigate a little more and don’t be afraid to ask. He might tell you the truth.