It’s time to get hot! We don’t mean temperature. You can heat up your marriage life with the following ways to a steamier sex anytime of the year. Here’s how:

Man feeding woman grapes as foreplay1. GRAB LOTS OF FRUITS. Aside from its health benefits, most fruits are believed to contain aphrodisiac properties. These give you an added sexual energy boost. So stack fruits in your fridge and bring some peeled, ready-to-eat, bite-sized pieces into the bedroom. Feeding each other and watching your spouse nibble that oozing ripe mango charges the atmosphere with passion.

2. SEDUCE YOUR HUSBAND AT THE START OF DAY. Caress your husband seductively at the start of day. Make erotic contact with your husband. Stroke his erogenous zones without engaging in sex. The build up of sexual tension in the morning will surely ignite-the passion at night.

3. REV UP YOUR SEX DRIVE. Wives who love and enjoy sex do not sit around waiting for the mood. They take hold of the situation and create the mood. One woman who had been married for 20 years formulated her own style. All she had to do was think about the first few weeks of lovemaking during honeymoon and she’s immediately all fired up. Other wives may find a formula suited to their peculiar personality. Find a thought, a scenario, or an arousing sexual fantasy and you’re ready.

4. PRACTICE GIVE-AND-TAKE. In the hectic schedule, of daily activities, most wives feel too exhausted at night. They just want to be left alone at night and go to sleep. If left unchecked, this routine will relegate sex to the closet, and would result to boredom and resentment. The cure? Practice give and take. If one is brimming with sexual energy at night while the other is too tired out, then the one with the libido turns on the other with all the sexual antics he or she could think of. The tired one simply lies back and enjoys the show. The next evening, the couple changes roles. In this way, the marriage is nurtured all throughout. And you get to enjoy it, too!

5. SCHEDULE IT. And why not? You schedule a visit to your dentist, hairdresser, or your all-wives club. So why not schedule sex on your calendar? You may feel awkward at first but as time goes on, you will surely find it something to look forward to. This is also a good way for couples who have to skirt fertility periods. Try it!

6. SET A QUOTA. Yes, ma’am… you heard it right. Set a quota. One couple decided to have it every night and stayed right on schedule. But when their kid got sick, they changed the schedule. To get right back, the couple had to meet the target quota and make love while in the shower, while the children are on the playground and right after arriving from work, all in one day. The “commitment” posed as an enjoyable “husband-and-wife” team and the technique bonded them closer with each other.

7. USE SOME LIBIDO BOOSTERS. Mood is affected by background music, and the ambience of the surrounding. To jumpstart your passion, why not spread sweet-scented flower petals all around your bedroom for an evening of unrestrained lovemaking? As a variation, you can play a sensual music in your CD player or change your bedroom lamp and arrange its colors so it can enhance your desire for sex.