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Relationships are difficult enough to maintain when you are both in the same city. So maintaining a relationship that crosses international borders might be a bit more difficult. However, that doesn’t mean it will be impossible. Below are seven steps you can follow to insure that your relationship thrives and most importantly survives!

Step One: Set Rules

Couples normally feel weird about setting “rules” for their relationship, but studies have shown that it proves to be successful. If you don’t set rules within six months of your relationship, kiss it goodbye. You aren’t a nag or over-worried person to set rules. Rules give you a definite way of knowing what each other can and can not do. For example, you could stipulate that phone calls to each other should not be made while one of you is at work.

Step Two: Dating

Some couples find it easier to date other people when they aren’t with their lovers. Some are not comfortable. Be sure to bring this up with your significant other and see what their perspective and opinion is on this matter. Are they okay with this?

Step Three: Set Times & Dates in Stone

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard couples in the past say they looked forward to a call, or Skype session. When you set dates and time to communicate with one another you have something to look forward to. It keeps both of you in mind of one another, and reliability breeds trust in the relationship.

Step Four: Trust

This is the most important part for an LDR (Long Distance Relationship). You need to trust one another. You aren’t going to know what each other are doing 24/7 so don’t expect to. If the other wants to cheat they will. They have the motive, desire, and opportunity. It is up to them not to! You can’t control them the same way they can’t control you. It all comes down to personal control.

Step Five: Share Those Insecurities

Everyone has them but they shouldn’t make a dent in your LDR. You see, you need to know that just because they don’t’ call you on the exact hour doesn’t mean they are cheating. They could be finishing up work, school, or just finishing up their favorite new TV show for the hour. When you make it a big deal it will become a big deal. You’ll start envisioning them doing something they aren’t doing, and that could put a complete stop to your relationship.

Step Six: Don’t Create Drama

This step goes in line with step number five. You just don’t want to create drama. It places a burden on both you and your partner. So why do it? If you feel insecure about something, then talk it out with them, but don’t ever start accusing or making false assumptions based on your imagination.

Step Seven: Relax

This last step should have you feeling totally secure in the relationship. You need to relax and let the relationship take a life of its own. If it is meant to be it will not only survive, but thrive. Just take a step back, relax, and breathe!