Woman with blindfolded man


The henpecked husband is an eyesore, but it is not a good option if he is too authoritative. Therefore, your task is to turn your man into a tame leader. What does it mean and how do you tame a man? The answer to this eternal question will help you improve your life and relationship without any doubt. Below are suggestions on how to begin the taming.

The profession of a trainer is for calm people. You just can’t achieve great results if you shout every time when something goes wrong. It is going only to worsen the situation, something that you don’t want for sure.  You just have to use different tricks to complete your job. When you want something, you have to give something. See below what you can exchange with your man.


If you refuse to have sex with your partner because he just didn’t fulfill some of your requirements and desires, then you can be sure that sooner or later your wishes will be fulfilled. The lack of sex will make your man obedient and ready to do everything that you want of him. When you restore the peace in the relationship then do your best to satisfy him, too.


No joke, this is really one of the easiest ways to complete your task. Just promise him that you are going to cook his favorite pork steaks with fries and beer in return for something that you want and you will win for sure. Food makes it simple, easy, and reliable.

Let him meet his buddies

Watching the game and drinking beer with friends are the things that every man is willing to fight for with his spouse. Don’t make big deal of it, but ask for some compensation in return. Something such as a minor repair, cleaning around the home, or doing the dishes. It really works and you will have a lot of extra time for your own hobby and interests.

Turn your wish into his wish

The main goal is to get your partner to realize the importance of your wishes and demands, whether buying a new bed, something for the home, or something for personal use like brand shoes, perfume or a dress. It is important to justify your claims and to explain to your man that he would get many benefits, as well. Men realize the need of only practical things, so try to explain your partner how rational your desire is.

Increase his ego

Men don’t get tired of hearing that they are the strongest, most skillful, and the most capable. So if you want your guy to do something for you, then tell him that he is the only person who can complete the job in timely manner with great accuracy.  Men love to know that they are irreplaceable and when he completes your task, do not forget to praise him.

With subtle application you can apply all these suggestions improving your relationship along the way. You will be able to build romantic interludes and understanding with your partner. All men need some time to surrender and be tamed by their woman.