Man and woman walking along water fountain
Trust is important for all kind of relationships. In fact it is the cornerstone of them. When two grownup individuals make a decision of spending a lifetime together, they have to learn to trust each other. Trust is the key ingredient to making a marriage succeed.  Be it a live-in relationship or a marriage.

Trust building should be your primary focus when you are starting a new relationship. If there is no trust, it could result in heartbreak or misery. If you are starting off, take a little time to build trust. If there has been a breach of trust by either of the two partners, you will have to work harder to make amends.

A successful relationship requires a high level of trust. There are many ways of trust building. Some of them are listed below.

Just Be Yourself

When you enter a new relationship, put all your efforts in building trust. The first step in trust building is to be what you are. It is crucial for both partners to follow this golden rule. Putting up false facades is not correct especially if you are going in for long term relationships. Always express your beliefs, dislikes and likes. Your partner should know the real you.

If you put up a false façade, the “real you” can come as a huge surprise. The partner can feel betrayed, too. If the relationship does not work very well, then even you will be unhappy. Not being your self can result in a lot of unhappiness and misery.

Be Honest

Honesty is the key to all relationships. It is the building block of any friendship and love. Avoid telling lies at all cost. Hiding information is also like telling a lie. If you develop a habit of omitting information, you may start developing mistrust. Lack of honesty can be damaging for any relationship. It can even bring an end to it.

Sometimes there are conflicts that arise out of honesty. These conflicts are very difficult to handle if you are in a short term relationship. In a long term relationship, it is only your honesty that will make it work.

Stick to Your Words

Don’t exaggerate. Words are nice but it is important for you to act upon those words. Keep the promises you make. Promises are an integral part of any relationship. Take care that your words match your behavior.


It is important to have strong levels of communications. Two people should give communication top priority. They should be comfortable enough to share their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and ideas. They should be open enough to share their successes and failures.

If one of you is unhappy or angry it is important to communicate it. If this does not happen, either partner can feel betrayed. No matter how busy you are in your day to day life, don’t make your partner feel left out or neglected. Remember, you have to share your life with them. Go out of the way to meet their needs. It is important for both of you to make your needs known and understood.

Don’t hide

It’s not okay for you to hide anything in a relationship. Don’t allow your partner to feel that he/she needs to question you about anything. Don’t hide where you are going or whom you are meeting. Don’t walk away from your partner when you are on the phone. Lying is a major breach of trust. Refrain from doing so.