Jealous woman listening to husband in secret

If love gives you wings, then it also has the power to make you jealous. It is really unpleasant to see your loved one approached by another woman, especially if she is more attractive than you! Learn what to do and how to react in such situations, because all men like “slightly” jealous women and hate the hysterical ones.

Jealousy is a perfectly normal feeling! It is due to the lack of confidence in yourself and the fear of losing your boyfriend or husband. It is a very common feeling when you are in love, but you have to control your feelings and behavior if you want to avoid ugly scenes and scandals.

It is natural to love somebody, to express your feelings and then to panic if you are close to losing your love. It is normal and you should not be afraid of it except in a situation when you are simply so mad that all your actions and words are wrong and insulting. If you are jealous within normal and acceptable levels, then you should not fight or cry for your love, just stay calm in front of the potential complication.

All men are always satisfied when their girl is jealous. Although you will hardly notice, but men appreciate it when their partner becomes a bit jealous. It means to your partner that you are serious about your relationship and he has a bright future with you. Don’t miss expressing this reaction when in such a scenario. It will demonstrate your love again and he will love you even more than ever if you are not harsh or mean.

Men hate hysterical jealous women. If you are one of them, then you have to learn to suppress your feelings and anger because it will most likely cost you the relationship. Trust your partner and follow some golden rules. Stop with the espionage and questions like: “Where have been?” ‘Who did you have lunch with today” and “Why are you smiling at that saleswoman?” If something is bothering you, just tell him! Keep in mind that your partner has a personal life and needs privacy, too. If you are digging too aggressively into his personal life, then he will definitely hide many things from you. Do not call him 10 times a day, do not wait for him in front of his office every day, and get rid of questions like “what” and “why.”

Be the most beautiful and best for him! All experts will say that the best cure of jealousy is your improved self-esteem and appearance. It is the best way to make him jealous and to strengthen your relationship. He would be so attracted to you that thoughts of infidelity will never pass through his mind. So, take care of your appearance and work on your emotions. It will definitely draw his attention back to you. Offer him the best that you can and expect the same in return.