How often have you thought you had found the perfect guy and then he turns out to be a creep?  How many times were you in a situation where you found a guy really attractive at first, and then less so as time passed because he started to show his true unattractive colors?  After several failed relationships, you can easily start to get discouraged.  You start looking for reasons as to why each of your relationships ended with you getting hurt.  After much contemplation and hours of rehashing every detail of each relationship with your best friends, you come to a conclusion.  It’s just that you are attracted to the wrong kind of guys.Man and Woman having a relationship problem

You set out with a new attitude.  When you get into your next relationship, it is going to be different.  You are going to only go out with men that are totally opposites of the previous guys.  They are going to be different in every way.  You start looking at men with this whole new perspective.  When you first find you are attracted to someone and then see any, even minor, similarities to other boyfriends you run.  You date “safe” guys.  And before you know it, you have found your true love.  You are together for awhile and things are great.  He is different than any other man you have ever known.  This is the one, you know it.  It lasts much longer than any of those past disasters.  Then, out of the blue, it changes.  Your perfect guy starts acting like he’s not even himself.  You start to argue more and more.  Then one day it happens. He leaves and you are devastated.  You tried so hard to prevent this.  How could he have been exactly the same and you didn’t see it until now?

I know that you are sad, but the advice I have to offer may not make you feel much better right now.  I am going to explain very simply how these relationships all ended with you in a puddle of tears on the floor.  Or maybe you eat ice cream while watching tear jerking movies.  Or you refuse to leave your bed until you friends break in and drag you out.

We just need to look at what was wrong in all of those relationships at the very beginning.

What could have been the one thing that these horrible men all had in common?  What are you missing when looking for a guy?  The truth is that they all did have one extremely important commonality.  It was that they all were with you.  Honey, I am sorry to sound so mean, but get over it.  You are not attracted to the wrong man.  There is no such thing.  You make men crazy.  Quit looking at what they did wrong and focus on your own behavior.  Turn and look at the enormously long string of bad relationships.  Who is it attached to?  You are its anchor.  I suspect that you need to spend some time healing and learning who you are before worrying about a guy.  They could have been nice men, but if you can’t live on your own, that’s the real trouble.  Until you can feel satisfied in yourself, no one else is ever going to make you happy.  You can change only one thing: you.  Now get started on that right after you throw away all those tear-jerkers!