If your man is put under great stress, then you will not have a perfect and long-lasting relationship for sure. He will gain weight and all his attention will not be focused on you and your family’s affairs. Woman angry at her husbandThe reasons for this are many, but you and your actions have a significant role in the whole puzzle. Check out below some of your actions that can make him miserable and an irresponsible person.

Your ultimatums

The ultimatums can quickly ruin your perfect relationship or family just because they are really unpleasant way to express your demands. Some phrases like “If you go out tonight to play cards with your friends then I will go to a disco tomorrow with my sexiest clothes” or “If you don’t fix the toilet we won’t have sex” can drive him really mad and will definitely jeopardize your relationship. Nobody wants to live with a negative and always demanding person. If your man is as stubborn as a mule then he will make everything possible to do the opposite. So just be more careful, moderate and always acknowledge his demands and needs. It will definitely help you to improve your relationship.

Don’t be always pouty

If one couple is always smiling and positive, then the chances for huge happiness and success are pretty high. If you are always pouty and cry for every small reason, then this negative impact will make your relationship unstable for sure. Nobody wants to deal with the person who is always in bad mood and looking for a reason for quarrel. All you need is just to be more positive person with many different interests and hobbies. It will help you to spend more quality time with each other and enjoy life as much as possible.

Don’t bombard him with your demands

Just try to put yourself in the position of your partner. A long day at work dealing with different tasks, angry bosses or clients will definitely make you tired and frustrated. So, what will you expect after coming back home? Of course, loving and positive wife or girlfriend who is willing to do everything for your comfort and happiness. So, don’t you try to explain to him that he never has enough time for you and nothing is the same as before, because you will ruin his expectations and feelings for sure. Try to understand that he makes everything possible just because of you and your future happiness. Lower your demands and try to understand his situation and feelings. It will improve your relationship for sure.

These are just several examples of negative behavior which will definitely lead to a break up. There isn’t a universal recipe for a happy relationship, but you can definitely keep your attitude towards him more positive by being a more understanding and loving partner.