If you missed the first part of this article you can read it here, Part 1, otherwise here we go with numbers 6 through 8:

  • Try a little tenderness. To love a man tenderly is to give him the opposite of force — forcing love shows little consideration for the desires, needs, cares, and concerns of the one you want. Loving requires patience and finesse on your part. So even if your special someone isn’t falling for you as quickly as you’d like, don’t lose your cool and snap at him or give him the cold shoulder. Kindness begets kindness. And eventually, tenderness will penetrate his heart.
  • Build anticipation and great passions.Here’s an important psychological principle: The anticipation of possessing or achieving something is almost always more pleasurable than the actual fulfillment of the desire. It’s tempting to give yourself over completely to the man you’ve been working so hard to get, but don’t do it! The truth is, even if it appears you’ve gotten what you want — his love — you haven’t arrived yet. The prelude to victory is still a time for restrain, caution and strategy.Man and woman staring intimately at each other
    When your love object begins to show signs falling for you, realize that he is just beginning to taste the pleasures that you have been savoring for quite a while. Don’t cheat him of this delicious pleasure by cutting the time short. This is the very emotion — passion — that you’ve been working so hard to get him to feel.Prolong this stage. Continue to limit your time together! You might fear he’ll get frustrated and drop you, but at this point he couldn’t drop you if he would try. The passion driving him is too strong.Remember, as soon as he realizes that he has you, his delicious anticipation will begin to disappear. Feelings of being pressured and trapped could arise. And if you’re not careful, such feelings can grow into an uncontrollable monster. Passionate attraction keeps couples together long enough to develop and strengthen the real substance of love — friendship and respect. If you confirm your undying passion for him too soon, don’t be shocked if he starts to get cold feet and walks out on you.
  • Be enthusiastic. Your joy and excitement are contagious and will jump from you to him. What you’re trying to do is convince him and not in so many words that there’s nothing better than your love. So keep your spirits high. Eventually your chosen one will open himself up to and bask in enthusiasm. This will, in time, cause him to open up his heart to you.

One final note: If you start to feel used, you’re being ripped off. You are entitled to have your own needs met, too. Don’t continue a relationship without reciprocation. Giving to the one you love is a gift but the most magical experience comes from having your loved one care enough to give back to you.


If you missed the first part of this article read it here: Part 1.