Men can sometimes tell you a great many things. Some things are insightful and useful, others not so much. For you today I have written 5 things your boyfriend would love for you to know, but doesn’t want to tell you himself. Ready to get educated?Man and woman walking together

Disrespect Is Greater Then Love

Your boyfriend would rather feel unloved then disrespected or inadequate. Boyfriends thrive on their girlfriends trusting them, admiring them, and believing in them. When a boyfriend knows he is respected both privately and publicly he will feel as though he can get anything accomplished.

As a woman, if you love a man you will naturally respect him. So don’t worry if you think you are disrespecting him. If you love him, you probably aren’t. However there may be times he just “feels” like he has been. If so, ask him about it and let him know you didn’t mean to disrespect him publicly, or privately.

Disrespect Equals Anger

If your boyfriend is giving you the cold shoulder, or maybe just outright showing anger towards you it might be a respect problem. He may have had a problem with something you have said or did. A boyfriend that feels he has been disrespected will eventually show anger and hostility.

Dealing with this anger and hostility is pretty easy. Just apologize for the situation.

Boyfriends Are Insecure

Secretly your boyfriend is insecure. Not only about you dating him but about his role in school, work, or even with his own family. Affirmation is the key to boosting his confidence long-term. If you want to be a good girlfriend, especially when he is really being a good boyfriend to you give him affirmation. You will not regret it!

Some affirmations you can give him is showing how incredible he is to you, perhaps complimenting him on some of his recent accomplishments. Let him know how much you care about what he does and how he did it.

Boyfriends Feel Responsible

Men have been wired by society to feel responsible for just about everything they touch. So as his girlfriend he will feel responsible for almost everything. How you feel, what you say, and even how you act. You might think he is trying to control but that isn’t the problem. He just feels like he isn’t doing enough.

Try to lessen the burden on him by letting him know you can handle something. Something that generally happens is conversations. You will say something along the lines of being insulted, over-burden, or sick of and he’ll instantly feel responsible for it. Let him know that you were just making conversation and the situation has been dealt with, even if it hasn’t. You might just let something a co-worker say go, he will not.

Sex Isn’t Just Sex

When you have sex with your boyfriend it isn’t just sex to him. You are showing a physical desire to be with him and this will rollover to every area of his life. If he feels that he is accepted by you, then you can expect for him to feel accepted by everything else.

Guys are not going to tell you everything. It’s also impossible to know everything there is about men, but you should be aware of the things that happen around you, especially regarding his feelings and your own. If you can’t see why he is acting a certain way, recall what has happened in the previous hours or even days.