Woman online using laptop computer

Let’s talk about two wonderful women named Abby and Sara.  Both in their mid 30’s, they’re both attractive and intelligent, with jobs and friends.  They both decided to try this “online dating” phenomenon and see what happens. But here’s where Abby and Sara’s stories differ.

After putting in some time on their profiles, complete with great photos, they are waiting for a quality man to contact them.  But what happens?  .

Sara finds her inbox filled with undesirable types, like married men and losers who just want to talk to her about sex.  Abby, on the other hand, gets messages from the kind she likes – smart, tall, respectful guys with great jobs.

Sara hates to go online   But Abby wakes up in the morning, happy to check her online messages.  She’s having dates with men who want her, who respect her, and look at her like she’s always wanted to be looked at.

What’s going on?  The truth is that Abby knows the secret of attracting men online that Sara doesn’t.

First of all, she remembers who she is writing to.  Things like her pets’ names and the fact that she is warm and kind will not get a man’s attention.  He wants to find an exceptional woman, one that stands out from the crowd.  This can be you, it just depends on how you express yourself.

For example, explain that you love life, making every moment count.  Talk about your travels, some special town that you discovered, or that you love classical  music concerts.  This is the kind of thing that makes a quality man feel that he has found his equal.  Let’s face it – this means you are interesting!

Second, don’t be the kind of woman that seems unapproachable.  Let him know that you are interesting, full of life and vision, but want to share it with the right person.  In describing your travels or adventures, freely express your desire to share these happy moments with someone else.  Whatever your hobby or activities, be sure to say that with the ideal partner the two of you would have a memorable adventure that neither of you would ever forget.

This shows that you are not a dull witted person just waiting for some man to wake you up or bring you back to life again, like Sleeping Beauty.  You don’t need him exactly, but can contribute to his happiness and well being, too!  These are the qualities that interest men because it takes pressure off of them.  You don’t need a hero – but you will end up finding one.

Lastly, in a subtle way, he will see that you are a winner, someone that luck and love shine upon.  His opinion of you will be favorable, and he will begin telling his friends how lucky he was to meet you.  A woman with her own life and some self-confidence can be a great girlfriend.  The man will feel that he will be able to share wonderful moments with her and develop a relationship without feeling crowded or suffocated.  A needy woman who counts the hours until their next date can really get on a man’s nerves, even if he is initially attracted to her.  Show him that you are busy, but want to find a quality partner to spend free time with.   Many men would be very interested to find such a good catch!