Flirting is not as easy for some people, but it can especially be challenging for individuals to try to do it online instead of being face-to-face with someone. Having to catch the attention of someone online and keep them interested is challenging because they cannot hear your voice or see you talking.

Woman at laptop in night gownThe same flirting methods do not work well for everyone so individuals should take into consideration their personalities and what their strong and weak qualities are. It is important to stay true to yourself when flirting so that wherever it leads it will be a situation that you are comfortable with. Another thing to remember is to not try to act like something you are not; if your flirting techniques attract someone that you really like, you want them to be attracted to the real you and not some fake personality that you have created.

Flirting is an art and the method that anyone uses should be based on the situation or setting. If an individual is trying to flirt on an online networking site like MySpace or, it would probably work better if the person you are trying to flirt with is someone who you are familiar with and is not a complete stranger. If it is a complete stranger you need to think of something that will make them laugh and curious about you to obtain their attention and make them want to respond to you. It is easier to flirt on websites that are designed to allow singles to find love connections, at these types of sites this is the only reason that people are on them so flirting is expected. When using these types of online sites individuals should use certain knowledge that can be obtained from their profiles in order to use the perfect opening line. By looking over an individual’s profile or picture they will be able to use their physical appearance or interests in order to flirt more effectively.

One thing that should be avoided when flirting with individuals online is sexual comments; this could turn people away from you. Sexual remarks should not be used until that type of relationship has been established. When flirting with someone keep in mind that thoughtful and sincere flirting lines will be received better than shallow comments. Keep in mind that flirting goes a long way when the recipient of the lines can tell that you have taken a genuine interest and have learned as much about them as possible.