It can be hard to approach a girl in real life and begin flirting. It gets even more difficult when you’re trying to flirt online. Flirting with girls online may be difficult but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You can do it and you can do it today if you want. Just continue reading below and learn how to improve your flirting game.

How to Improve Your Online Flirting Skills:

Woman getting flowers from laptop1) Never provide too much information in the beginning. Before you decide to find a date or begin talking with an anonymous girl, think. What are you willing to share with her? How much information and what type of information will you tell? You can grab a pen and pencil and write down what you want to share and what you don’t. This will help you not divulge too much information or the wrong information.

2)  Try not to answer to quickly. It’ll make you look over-excited and extremely eager. Also don’t continue messaging if you don’t receive a reply. You don’t know what they are doing or if they are away from the keyboard. People usually do things on the side of their computer. Cooking, cleaning, and maybe even using the bathroom. Be patient and wait for your reply. Never jump the gun.

3) Don’t be too conceited. Making the conversation about you all the time is a no-no. Try to even out the conversation. It’s ok to talk about yourself here and there, but the conversation shouldn’t be all about you! Let them talk about themselves and maybe even talk about there interests.

4) Not everyone likes the same things. Everyone has different hobbies and skills. So if your not really into what they’re into that’s ok. Join in the conversation anyway. Don’t be afraid to Google something either. You may actually get interested in something they like!

5) Avoid chatting with multiple girls online. Try to stick with one girl at a time. Make it a rule of yours. If you chat with more then one person, you may have conversations that overlap. Chatting with a single girl also helps you to concentrate on them and learn more about them.

6) Take the conversation slow. The internet is instant and when you message she instantly gets your message. Whatever you say good or bad will have an effect. Make sure you don’t say something that will destroy her trust, confidence, or liking of you. Always re-read what you’ve typed into the message box before sending.

Once you have a girl online and you two are flirting keep it up. Maybe even meet up. Use these tips to help improve your game and snag a beauty!