A great profile on a dating site is very important. If you don’t get attention from the opposite sex, then your profile is pointless. Here are some great tips to make your profile more appealing to other readers; one would be change your profile picture often, second would be change your heading message often, never put negative things about yourself, write about your unique qualities, be creative, and filter out all unwanted responses. Woman using a laptop computer

A great way to get attention from the opposite sex would be to put new and exciting pictures of yourself. Changing your pictures at least once a week will help get plenty more attention. Don’t put to revealing pictures of yourself on your profile that will attract the wrong kind of attention. Placing too sexy pictures of yourself on the internet it could easily backfire on you.

Another great way to get attention would be change you’re heading message also once a week. Putting new headings once week will get the attention of the opposite sex. They will see that you are still online and you still are looking for someone. Not changing your heading message shows you really don’t care and you’re probably lazy or boring. Show the opposite sex you are fun and alive.

You should never write negative things about yourself or other people. Writing negative thoughts will make you look bad and no one will want to contact you. For example, writing that you are fat or ugly, guys will see that and say no I don’t want to talk to her. An example of talking bad about someone on your profile would be I’m tired of being cheated on or I’m tired of being alone. That also shows that you are desperate. You never want to show the opposite sex that you are desperate; otherwise, they will assume something major is wrong with you.

Write about all the unique qualities you have. If you are a painter, write about some of the painting you have done. Also, write all the things you like to do and spend your time doing while you’re not at work. Talk about all the good things in your job. Write about your pets and family. Don’t ever give out personal information unless you get to know the other person and feel confident that they are not a serial killer.

Filtering out all the unwanted response will save your time. Write on your profile the ages, race, height, and weight, so that you don’t waste your time talking to someone you aren’t interested in.

Making a great profile is easier than you think, just put some time in it and make it how you want it. Make it where the opposite sex will notice it every time. You will get more response if you take these tips into account when creating your profile.