There are some important strategies you should keep in mind whenever you’re thinking of going to the next level with your online dating partner. When you’re thinking about asking them out to meet for a real date, just remember, don’t stress over rejection. For sure it can bum you out to be rejected, but it’s not worth stressing over really. You just have to understand that it’s a numbers game. Just keep on trying until you get a ‘yes’. Everybody suffers rejection at some time; it only makes the acceptance much more meaningful.

Man using laptop and phoneYou also don’t want to plan your first date to fall on a Friday night or Saturday night. Those nights are always important date nights and very busy. It’s much lower key to go out on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and it’s also less stressful to go out for lunch rather than dinner. The late evening dates end up with that awkward doorstep moment, whereas lunch dates can end long before that occurs.

Another good move is to throw a few options toward your potential date. Let them take part in choosing time, or activity, or transportation, and stuff like that. This increases your chances of them accepting one of the options, which results in a ‘yes’ for you. Plus they’ll feel more likely to have a good time if it’s something they want to do. If they pass on everything you offer, they more than likely aren’t interested in going out with you. Don’t let that bother you, just take it as a sign to move on.

A final thought is this – Don’t come up with a lame ask-out line, like ‘hey, wanna go out sometime?’ because then, with such a poorly phrased invitation, it’s easier for them to say ‘no’. Be more specific than that. Think about what they might like to do, and put that into your invitation. Something like ‘Would like to go to a movie sometime?’, or ‘how would you like to go to the Tigers ball game with me?’. A more specific event will sound much more inviting.

Dating online can be a tricky thing, but these few guidelines can help you gain a bit of an edge, and increase your chances of landing that first real world date. From cyberspace to reality can be a nervous switch, but it doesn’t have to be. Go ahead, ask him/her out and have fun.