Many women believe they can flirt with a guy. In fact most women will often gloat about how good they are. But do you know how to flirt with a guy online? Can you still be seductive and alluring as you are in real life? If not, continue reading and learn how!

1. Comfortability can be a bad thing at times. Especially when you are joking around and say something that could be taken as an insult. There is no button for body language or sarcasm; so stay away from it. You don’t want your potential date to get angry at you. And you definitely don’t want to upset your boyfriend by seeming rude and inconsiderate.

2. Make sure the conversation is going two-way. You don’t wanna be the one always flirting and talking. If he isn’t typing, then maybe he isn’t into you. If that’s the case, close the chat and move on. There are hundreds of thousands of available men online.

3. Leave you low-selfesteem some where else. Men want girls that know themselves and won’t be a pity party. They want women and girls that are high-esteemed. Never put yourself down verbally or mentally. It’ll just drag you down as well as make you look weak and undesirable. Confidence is hot!

4. When your on a dating service have a catchy username. The username and picture is the first thing a guy will see! Never make your username to vain or too promiscuous. You want the “I’m a good girl” type of name. Simple, shorty, and sweet is what you’re looking.

5. Alway use a recent photo as your profile picture. You don’t want to meet up with the man of your dreams and him leaving because he thinks you deceived him. Always keep your picture up to date! Always look your best! And always be confident!

6. Personal questions are just that, personal. Never ask personal questions online or on your first date. Get to know him a little better and then maybe reveal a secret. He may just reveal one right back at you. Remember once some one is sharing secrets they trust you. Try not to break there trust and confidence by laughing or throwing it in their face.

7. You can’t enjoy a miserable conversation. If your telling him about your latest ex, stop now. No one wants to hear about ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends. They also don’t want to hear you mope and groan. Keep the conversation fresh and fill it with laughter. Talk about things that make you laugh, smile, and feel good.

Flirting in real life versus online can take a bit of time to get use to. No worries though. As long you use a few of the tips above you’ll be fine. Promise!

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  1. A very interesting post!

    I agree that it is very important to be confident whilst flirting online. If you see no interest from the other person, simply move one to another one.
    Online you can definitely have a lot of fun chatting and flirting. You also avoid many awkward moments that can happen whilst dating offline.
    If you meet somebody interesting and you enjoy chatting and flirting together, you can even finish up on a date.

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