So you found this awesome woman and you think she’s the one, great. But don’t go off thinking just because you don’t know her she doesn’t know you. A woman is always on the prowl and constantly surveying her “potential” husband. Yes, I say potential because women will always consider it; sometimes unconsciously.Man and Woman on a date

So before you head to the door and walk her to your car know this! The 7 things she will instantly know on your first date!

1. If you show even the lease bit of nervousness she will know. However that isn’t a problem in most cases. Women tend to help you out and try to make you less shy about the situation. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn some icebreaking conversation. You can easily find them online. Just do a quick online search at your favorite search engine! Remember to read reviews about them if possible.

2. Never try to insert humor into your conversation. If you’re not funny, then you’re not funny. A woman will eventually stop giving you “pity laughs” and go silent. This can ruin your entire date! So before trying to insert humor into your conversation, practice!

3. If you’re not comfortable in your own skin, then how can you possibly be you? Changing your clothes just for that night will make you look like an idiot. Why? Because she can tell! If you aren’t use to the clothes you wear, then it makes you look desperate. Stick with what you are comfortable with. However remember that you don’t always have to “dress up”. Just look presentable.

4. Acting too flashy around your date may turn her off. If you aren’t normally a big spender, then don’t act like one. If you are, then try not to be showy about it. Let the amount of money you spend talk for you.

5. Your body language speaks a lot for you. Practice learning your body before you go anywhere with your date. If alcohol is an issue, don’t drink too much. When you’re drunk your body language changes to what you feel and she’ll compare. This could make you look extremely weak, insensitive, and macho.

6. She’ll be observing you often so watch what where your eyes go. Just because you have a pretty, cute waitress doesn’t mean you have to stare her down. Remember that you’re on a date! Keep your eyes focused on her and I promise you won’t regret it.

7. Behavior

Women will dissect the way you treat them and behave around them. Your behavior tells them a lot about you! If you’re not really a gentleman, you’ll be caught. Keep your behavior in check and make sure to put on your best smile on.

Use these tips above to land your second date. And remember to always have fun too!