For those choosing the swinging lifestyle, clubs may be a great place to get started. These clubs are normally very clean and are well-known for strictly enforcing their dress codes. Security staff is provided at most clubs to ensure the safety of all participants. In these clubs, you will find other people who are supportive and have the ability to come and go as you please.

Many times, swingers clubs keep a very low profile. You will not find a listing in the yellow pages under “Clubs, Swingers.” The best way to find a club is through word of mouth. This gives you the added reassurance that someone you know and trust has already visited the club and had a positive experience. The adult shop in your town may be another resource in locating a club in your area.

Most swingers clubs require that members use protection while participating in activities at the club. Others require that members have and share negative HIV tests. It is a good idea to contact the club before your first session to know what is expected. Avoid those clubs that seem reluctant to answer your questions. Most do not have liquor license and members wishing to imbibe are required to bring their own alcoholic beverages. Experienced members generally do not partake in alcohol during their time at the clubs, since this allows for better decision making.

Attendees at most clubs range from 25 to 55 and all body types are generally accepted. Many couples are professionals who are clean cut. You are not expected to do anything while at the club that would make you feel uncomfortable. The purpose of your being there is to have fun and not to feel intimidated.

While swinging actually takes place at some clubs, at others, couples meet and make plans for activities at a later date.

Swinging may or may not fit into your lifestyle. It may have a lot to do with your own sense of values. Of course if you attend a club and find that it is not the right thing for you, then you are free to never return again. The whole reason for swingers clubs is so that you do not feel pressure. For those who find the event to be pleasurable, they may have found a new place to meet new friends and experiment in ways they have never had the freedom to do before.