Recent studies revealed that more women choose to be single and cope with life alone instead of going into a passionate and long-lasting relationship. The reasons for this lifestyle are many, from the fear of love to just simply different priorities. Woman in busy officeCheck out below some of the main factors why women remaining single.

The lack of time

Many women simply work too much in order to afford a really nice apartment or regular visits to the beauty salon. They just don’t have enough time for meeting new people and creating long-lasting relationships. Most of them realize that this is not the typical way of living, but they still prefer to spend more time with their pet or visiting their parents. They still think that they have enough time to meet their loved one, but unfortunately it’s not true.

The importance of personal freedom

Freedom is important for every sexy and self-respecting young lady. Such kinds of women want to focus all their attention on themselves.  Attending parties and flirting around would be the usual behavior for them. The idea of complete personal freedom plays the main role in their life. They are still in search of the right person to spend their life with. But sooner or later they realize that the shared happiness is double happiness and loving and taking care of somebody else is even more important than everything in the world.

The fear of another disappointment

At least once in their life every woman was hurt by her partner, and the presence of unpleasant feelings and memories can loom large on the mind. The fear of another great disappointment and unshared love is too strong and sometimes these ladies prefer to stay “single” rather to be offended again by the ruthless love. It’s really hard for this type of woman to fall in love again, and it costs them a lot of time and effort to find the right person for them. They just don’t want to feel again the huge emotional stress of a break up.

These are just several reasons why many women prefer to be single. It’s very hard for them to start a new relationship because of the previous mistakes and disappointments. They just don’t want to be hurt again and prefer to enjoy life by themselves. Fortunately, most of them realize that life is a huge gamble and they have to take some risk if they want to overcome their biggest fears and apprehensions. So, if they just try to forget the past and be more positive and motivated, they will be able to create an astonishing relationship and a nice big family with many children. The hope never dies and the most important in our life is to create big and happy offspring, don’t forget that.