Long distance relationships are incredibly difficult. If one partner is lacking in passion, the other will eventually lose interest as well. It only takes one to make everything fall apart.Woman on phone Long distance relationships require persistence, passion, and dedication. Listed below are long distance relationship tips I believe every couple should know.

Have a Plan

Having a plan is the first step to having a successful long term relationship. You and your partner need to decide together a couple of things. How will you stay in touch? Phone or email, maybe both, as well as short visits every month, week? How often will you contact one another? These are questions that MUST be answered. You don’t want one of you thinking daily conversation is a must and the other not. Talk to your partner and write out on paper a plan that suits you both.


Physical and emotional contact are two different things, but you need both to stay alive. If you can’t physically see one another then you should connect emotionally. There is such a thing as contacting your partner too much. This goes with your planning. When you decide how many times a day you will contact one another stick to it. Unless it’s an emergency and remember that your partner may be busy. If he or she is, don’t take it to heart. Life is complicated and can get a little turbulent at times.

Pick the Medium

Make sure you both have what you need to stay in touch. You wouldn’t decide to call one another everyday and have no phone. No, you need to make sure you both have the equipment to meet the demands. If this means going out and purchasing something, then do it. Your relationship is on the line! If you want it to work, your going to have to sacrifice.

You Have To See Her

If you can physically see her, then do the next best thing; use a webcam. Webcams are a great invention. Video over the computer has helped many long distant relationships flourish and keep the flame burning. Most women need to see who they are speaking to. While they may love your voice, they need to see you. It’s just a fact. Invest in a webcam and I promise you won’t be sorry.

Keep Up With Special Occasions

Just because you two are far apart doesn’t mean you forget special occasions. Send her flowers or send him a gift ahead of time. Gentlemen it is so easy to send flowers online now-a-days that you don’t have an excuse. Make sure you get her that perfect gift too! Keep on reminding your loved ones that you loved them. Actions speak much louder then words.

Just because you’re far apart from your loved one doesn’t mean you don’t love them. Keep at it and embrace technology. It’s one of your best hopes to keep the flame lit. Good luck and May god bless!