Woman flirting with man

We all want to find love with that special someone.  Sometimes love seems to be an elusive prospect, with less opportunities to meet a suitable partner.  Many people meet through mutual friends or in a social situation – be it college, a party, a bar, wedding, or some other mixer where mutual friends can become acquainted.  Even the internet has become a prime meeting place.  But how can we go the next step – from prospective date to prospective partner?

If 100 ladies were to describe the ideal man, probably all 100 answers would be different.  Some prefer a man who treats them like a queen or princess.  Others want to be treated as equals.  A gentle, communicative man appeals to some.  Another may prefer a manly man, like a fireman or a logger.  Thank goodness we are all different, because if we all liked the same type, the world might stop revolving, it would be so unbalanced!

Some similarities do exist, however.  One who respects his woman, listens to what she has to say, and considers her preferences is a core quality in a good partner.  He should also be kind hearted, and always wishing her well.  A kind person has empathy, being able to put themselves in another person’s shoes and not take advantage of weakness.

In finding love, there is no rush.  Better to be with no man than the wrong man.  As long as a woman is socially active with male or female friends, opportunities to meet other people exist.  Staying at home night after night is not recommended.  Once you go out, try to be honest.  Don’t present yourself as a party type of girl if that is really not your cup of tea. Try to be yourself, the real you, but friendly and approachable.  Conversations lead to friendship, and many times mutual friendship is the bridge leading to love.  Meeting a partner through a mutual friend is a great way to know something about his family background, history in relationships and compatibility issues before getting involved.

When you find someone who seems to be your type, be sure to have your receivers on.  He may be sending you signals in the conversation.  Listen, and get to know him without trying to impress him and wondering if he likes you.  He may be telling you hints that could be important deal breakers.  Get to know him without pressure and take your time. A little old fashioned flirting is OK, too.  You don’t have to tell him everything, but honesty is the best policy, and besides that, it saves time.

A wise woman, even if she is deeply in love, does not chase after her man.  Women who are perceived as always available are considered second class or too easy.  It can be advantageous to you to be somewhat elusive so that your man will appreciate you more.  Let him seek you out.  Be yourself and don’t make the relationship the primary focus of your existence.

Keeping love is the next step. Each relationship takes its own course, so once you have found love, see where it leads.  Sometimes marriage comes quickly, other times it evolves over years.  A man who feels that he might lose his woman may react quickly to try and keep her, but games of manipulation are not usually advised.  An unmarried woman is still available to love and other possibilities.  Men by nature like to do the chasing.  If your man seems indecisive and taking you for granted, keep your platonic social life active and keep your options open.  This can keep him on his toes and realize that he wants the relationship to become a permanent one.

As time goes on, people change and develop.  Ideally, the couple can change together.  Shared interests, like walking after dinner, talking, taking a dance class and some other activity is an ideal way to recreate together and deepen the love relationship.  Again, there is no need to be forceful.  Continue to be attractive, develop and nurture your life.  Many women make the mistake of thinking that once they have a husband he is now their one and only hobby.

Don’t you think that a woman, who reads the newspaper, learns how to arrange flowers or keep the family books is more interesting?  By all means, be the lady of the house with a nice appearance, alert mind and a gracious heart.  This kind of woman is the one who wins the heart of her man and keeps him coming back for her steadfast love.