Alpha males are the guys you see with women, all the time. They don’t have a hard time picking up women, conversing, and sleeping with them. In fact, they make it look way too easy and that can be annoying for the average Joe. Man and woman talking poolsideDon’t fret! I can tell you how to attract woman just like them, and more. Continue reading if you’re ready to learn to be a full fledged alpha male!

Let’s start with the basics, confidence. You need a lot of this and the best thing about confidence is its free! You don’t have to purchase confidence, just practice. You can start small. Begin by saying hello to a few random people. Learn to work on your conversations and vocabulary. A good vocabulary will boost your confidence in your speaking which will lead to a more confident you.

Speaking is not the only skill you should be practicing. You should also practice your pitch. You don’t want to sound too shy, or too loud. You also don’t want to stutter or mumble. Your conversations and words should flow easy and continuously, without pause. This is going to take you some time. In fact it may take you a few weeks to really get the hang of it. Keep at it and I promise you will get better.

Once you feel confident enough to hold a conversation begin practicing your humor. Everyone has humor and it doesn’t matter what type you have, you just need to practice it. Every woman likes to laugh. So you are going to need to make them laugh. This doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many books, websites, and seminars dedicated to this. Choose one and get started. Just like your speech, humor should come very natural to you and should flow without hesitance or interruption.

You aren’t quite finished yet. We need to start putting the finishing touches on. How are your clothes? How do you smell? Are you taking good care of yourself? You need all of this to complete your alpha male transformation. Buy some cologne and learn how to dress properly. A t-shirt and jeans aren’t going to cut it anymore. Start investing in some actual clothes that fit and look good on you. There are thousands of websites that are dedicated to teaching you men’s fashion. Choose a few and read them and educate yourself!

Now put it all together and you’ll be an alpha male. Hit up your local bar or scene and see how you work. Refine your approach and conversations until you have a brand new you!