Planning for a great first date can be a tricky thing to do. It can be hard for a guy to figure out what a girl would want to do. The guy doesn’t want to go all out on the first date, because that would possibly show the girl that he’s got money and he will use it to try to impress her. Some girls like that, but others don’t. Sometimes it will give a girl the wrong idea, as in the girl thinks the guy may have a lot of money and she wants him for his money. There are many things you can do on a first date and others you should not, but let’s focus some good suggestions.

A day at the beach is always a great thing to do. Having a picnic and drinking a little wine is always fun. After eating, you can cool off by going for a dip. Your girl will think it’s very romantic.Man and woman having a picnic on the beach

Picnic by a river or stream is also a good idea. This is a very romantic setting with all the quietness of the water and animals in the background. Your girl will remember that day forever.

The movies are always a very popular pick for a first date. Though most times you can’t talk while watching the movie, but watching a movie before dinner is a great idea. That way as you are eating dinner you will have a lot to talk about.

Everyone loves Amusement parks no matter how old you are. This would also be a great idea for a first date. The best time to go would be in the summer. She would love the fun day you two would have at the amusement park.

Ice skating or Rollerblading can be a great idea. Just keep in mind that not everyone knows how to ice skate or Rollerblade. So if you want to take your girl here ask first and make sure and help her. Don’t make fun of her if she falls, just help her up.

A trip to the zoo would be a great first date especially if she is an animal lover. Make sure it’s a warm day and you have your camera. Take lots of pictures of each other together and bring a picnic basket so that after the zoo you can bring her to the park and be alone together.

Bring her to a concert of her choice. If she is looking forward to a concert that is in town, get tickets and bring her for your first date. That would make her so happy and impress her very much.

All the ideas given here are not very expensive, but will impressive your girl for your first date. These are some simple and fun places to bring a girl on a date, but I’m sure you can think of others as well.