Your best friend has resolved that you need assistance with your dating life so she arranges a blind date for you, a friend of an acquaintance of a friend. You, naively, consent. Finally, there you are, it’s only an hour after you were introduced.Man and woman on a bad date You’re seated in a Chinese restaurant and you detest Chinese food. The appetizers have not yet been served. His concept of enlightened dialogue is who’ll be in the last four of the football season; you are not into contact sports. He can rap the weekly TV program word for word. You have not sat in a movie theatre in months since you help out at the community food bank. According to him, volunteering is a complete waste of time since you can’t help those poor folks anyway. You take a look at your watch; note that it’s only been 15 minutes since you last checked it and ponder just how long you will need before you can subtly make an excuse, mumble good night and make a dash for it. Been there?

Now, think about a date with somebody you met via online dating and also have been communicating on the internet with and swapping emails with for a long time. First, you don’t have to be introduced. You know this guy. You are relaxing in a Thai restaurant taking pleasure in a wonderful meal since you both are aware that the other’s preferred cuisine is Thai. The dialogue flows naturally as you talk about common passions. He volunteers for worthy causes and loves poetry like you do. You contentedly speak about the volunteer activities that you both are engaged in. You check your watch and are surprised to find out that it’s rather late, really late; how time flies when you are enjoying yourself!

There’s a huge difference from a well-intentioned pal setting you up and, selecting a guy for yourself who shares your passions and ideals, isn’t there? So, what would you prefer?