First dates are very important events in our relationships. So being very important, it makes sense that they can also be very nerve-racking for many people. Going out with someone you’ve just met and want to make a good impression on, can be stressful. Woman having an anxiety attackMaybe it’s the fact you think this might be the one you could possible have a life-long relationship with, and you don’t want to blow it. Whatever your reasons, first dates are major events, and the pressure is on.

First dates can be quite demanding because of the fact it will be a make or break event, leading or not leading to the second date. A lot of people are shy around new people, even if they’ve been talking for a while by phone or online. If you’ve just ended a very serious relationship, then you’ll be nervous about getting back into another serious one.

One reason first dates are so filled with anxiety is the thoughts of that second date. It rests totally on how well this one goes. If you mess this one up, it lowers the chances of the next one. You don’t want to be boring or make a bad first impression. You want to do everything just right, and that turns on the pressure.

The old saying goes that you get just one chance for making that good first impression, and this is what causes a lot of first dates to be disastrous. Planning ahead of time can help lower the stress level and give you more of a feeling of being in control. More control, less stress.

Shyness is another big reason for the pressure to mount on first dates. Lots of people wanting to arrive onto the dating scene, simply and plainly, are very shy. They say that shyness is merely a condition that is self-imposed. It may be partly true, but the condition is real to the person who’s that way. For people like this dating can be a nightmare. It’s very difficult to overcome being at ease with people when you’re shy. First dates are stressful even to those who aren’t shy, so just think of how scary it is for shy people. One way they might help themselves is by listening to some motivational tapes. If it’s really severe, maybe a little therapy might help.

Just coming out of another serious relationship can cause some stress about a first date with someone else. If a person is trying to re-enter the dating scene due to breaking up with someone, there can be all kinds of stress factors involved. They really need to be sure they’re absolutely ready for dating again. It just might not be the right time for them to start up again, and when you move on and get right back into another relationship too soon, it can cause the new relationship to not go well.

Several factors can cause first dates to be nerve-racking. Thinking about maybe a second date or not, an old relationship sticking in the back of your mind, or plain old shyness, all of these can add lots of pressure to new first dates. But you can make the necessary changes that will help you conquer whatever problems or fears that you associate with your first date.