Even if you’re the shy type of a girl who would rather wait for a guy to make the first move, you can still stand out from the other girls. A guy may still notice you if you have some props–the right ones, that is. Man helping woman with her luggageA prop can give you confidence to smile or at least show that you’re approachable. How about any of the following?

A Pet: If you’re rather adventurous and can handle a living, breathing creature with poise, how about bringing a pet for a prop? Sure, walking or jogging around the block in a sexy outfit may earn you some second looks. But bringing an unusual (but not awesome-looking) pet can earn you more. Bring along your playful puppy or cuddly kitten. If the puppy steals a cute jogger’s cap, then you’re on! Of course that’s reason enough to talk to each other. Perch a bird, a lizard, and a hamster… whatever on your shoulder as you brisk walk around the park. That ought to start a conversation.

A Toy: At the mall, bring an unusual, interesting toy. Something that talks or moves by itself, something electronic would be great. Men are curious by nature. They will be interested to see how the toy works. Volunteer the item if you notice the cute guy sitting next to you straining his neck to take a look.

A Book/magazine: Something unusual and more appealing to men would be better. One with eye-catching photographs is best. Sit near a cute prospect. Open your prop and flip the pages such that he will catch a glimpse of the photos. If you have the right book or magazine, you’re a sure winner. In a while, you’ll see curiosity written all over his face. It’s then time to make your subtle move: let him take a closer look at the book. A friendly discussion will naturally follow.

A Camera: Pretend you’re a photo journalist and you need an interesting subject. Or it could be the other way around: you have a camera but are a moron when it comes to operating one. That’s enough reason to ask for your prospect’s help.

One-of-a-kind attire: It could be a super extraordinary accessory, a super sexy (come on girl, you can do it!), an expensive piece of jewelry… anything. How about an arm band that looks like a living lizard wound around your wrist? Or a necklace with a dangling miniature skull? A smart guy can start a conversation with any of those items.

Something distracting: It could be a cell phone that keeps on ringing or papers that keep falling–anything that may drive your prospect mad with imitation. The point is to make him mad enough to call your attention. Once he does, then you’re on. You can make up a little story to keep the conversation rolling.

Finger foods: While stuck in hopeless traffic on a bus, open your prop. Start munching some finger foods. Politeness dictates that you at least offer the person seating beside you. That ought to start a conversation. Compare notes on which is more delicious: a bag of French fries or a can of Pringles. Just don’t litter, Ok?

Something you can’t manage: Men love it when women turn to them for help–physical help, that is. It is a chance to prove their strength. It’s an ego thing, Ok. You can take advantage of this little secret. If you bring a bottle of mineral water that is too tight for you to open, the cute guy beside you will love to twist the cap open for you. If there’s something too heavy or big for you to carry around–when boarding a cab, entering an elevator or managing an escalator, you can always turn to the guy next to you for assistance. He’d love to help you. Just don’t forget to say ‘please’.