Young Asian couple in the park.
You have heard the saying that actions can speak louder than words. This is particularly applicable to dating. Your body language can tell a lot about you and what you want. With an understanding of some basic concepts and tips for making use of body language while dating, you should be able to use it to your advantage. Below are a few important ones.

Make sure that when you talk, you look directly into your date’s eyes. This will let him or her know that you are interested in whatever he or she has to say. Every once in a while look away but establish eye contact once again. By doing this, your date would know that you are listening and understanding everything that he or she is saying.

Making a great first impression matters so dressing properly and being well-groomed are two very important things which could help you express yourself through body language even better.

Even without actually holding your date’s hand, your hands can send powerful messages. Avoid jamming your hands into your pockets, balling them into fists or using them to clean your eyeglasses as all these are code names for “I am not interested”. Instead, keep your hands unclenched and your arms unfolded to let your date know you are open. By making use of your hands to caress objects like the locks of your hair, the sleeve of your blouse or the rim of a glass, you can be sending sensual messages.

When you are standing, make sure that you have an open posture as this will let your date know that you are open to him or her. To show your interest, turn your body towards your date; keep your feet flat and lean forward as you listen to your date talking. You can also slightly tilt your head and thrust your chest forward to give your date the message that you are interested. If you start to mirror each other’s gestures and body language, then you know your date is going quite well.

One final tip is to avoid chain smoking, and eating and drinking too much on the date. These activities can ruin the signals that you are sending as you talk with your body.

By communicating through body language, you should be able to let your date know just how incredible you are by showing your personality through your words and your actions.