The first date always brings astonishing and strange feelings which sometimes make you feel very uncomfortable and unsure in your emotions. Check out below some useful tips and tricks which you can easily make you a more confident person and will definitely increase your self-esteem and motivation.Man and woman on a dinner date

The first date is really important and the first impression you make will last longer and maybe you will not have a chance to change it if something goes wrong. Therefore, you have to be more creative and find some time to plan everything about your future date. It‘s a very bad idea if you want your future date to last three hours and to spend 2 1/2 hours watching some stupid movie. Doing so, you will hardly get a chance to learn more about your partner, about his or her thoughts and abilities. Another mistake which you can make is to visit with your date some cool restaurant and to spend all the time watching and enjoying the food. Remember, the conversation between you and your future partner will give you the opportunity to understand what kind of person he or she is faster than you can imagine.

Try to arrange your first date during the day because it will lower the tension which probably both of you will experience. A pleasant walk in the park, a visit in the local zoo or just walking across the center of the city will greatly reduce the first unpleasant and doubtful thoughts which you will probably have. Drink a cup of coffee in your favorite bar where you can listen to your favorite songs and it will help you to enjoy your first date as never before. Well, of course you have to ask your partner about his or her preferences, keep that in mind.

Don’t ask about the past relationships of your future partner. You will get the answers sooner or later. Just try to focus your attention and learn more about the positive and negative characteristics of your date. If you speed up the process with some stupid questions like “What happened with your last relationship?” or “What was the main reason for your divorce?” most likely it will drive your date away from you. Well, if your future partner asks you the same questions then try to be as polite as possible and never answer in a straight way.

Your clothes are really important for the first impression which you want to make. If you don’t have any new clothes in the wardrobe at the moment, then please make sure that the old ones are clean and comfortable. Try to wear clothes which will represent your style and nature in the best possible manner. It will help you to warm up the feelings between each other and to make your partner more communicative and relaxed.

Follow these basic rules for first dates and you will definitely make the experience better and more pleasant like never before. Just try to be yourself as much as possible and you will fully enjoy your first date for sure.