Knowing where to go and what to say to meet new men is important, but to improve your chances of getting the conversation going and an opportunity to dazzle him with your charm, try these 3 can’t-fail techniques to encourage him:

Woman in gym1. Planting the Seed – Whether it is the first or the fourteenth time you have seen someone you like, you need to let him know you’re interested. The seed-planting technique is a subtle way to tell him. You can simply plant little seeds of goodwill, friendliness, and attraction in the minds of your prospects.

These “seeds” range from a friendly hello that is accompanied by a smile, and direct eye contact, to a pleasant line such as “I’m lucky to have such a handsome neighbor.” If your prospect responds positively, the seeds you have planted will grow naturally. There will always be seeds that do not develop for a number of reasons. He may already be involved, or maybe he is just a jerk.

2. Relaxed and Get Ready! – Some women find it effective to approach men in a laid-back, non-aggressive manner. If you find yourself at a bar or club and do not feel comfortable with immediately (and obviously) looking for someone special, a laid-back technique is a more natural way to meet someone. It makes you look easygoing and self-confident — qualities that make you more attractive.

It is as easy as “hanging out” in a highly visible area in a club (by the bar, the dance floor, near the entrance to the restrooms) and letting the prospects check you out. If they are interested, they will approach you.

3. Humor Wins Hearts – An incredibly simple and effective ice-breaker, humor will help you relax, let down your guard — and let others know that you’re fun to be with. For example, at a health club or while jogging you can say something silly like, “I do not know what is better for me — my exercising or my watching you exercise!” Delivered with a big grin, lines like this will get a laugh and get a conversation rolling. You can try poking fun at yourself a la Woody Allen, or interject a witty comment at an appropriate time. If there is soft Muzak tinkling in the elevator, why not ask that cute guy if he would like to dance? It’s so off-the-wall it’s bound make him crack a smile.