Woman annoyed at man for using cell phone

When dating, you only get to make a first impression once. This is why being at your best on the first date is very important, especially if you are interested in the other person. Here are some of the things that you might want to avoid doing as you go on a first date or any other date, for that matter.

1. Never bring a friend along on a date, unless you and your date have both agreed to do so. If the original plan was for the two of your to have dinner, then do not assume that it would be fine to bring a friend along.

2. Never leave your mobile phone on or at least have it on silent mode. Turn off your mobile phone. Unless you are waiting for a really important call, it would be polite to make sure that your cell phone would not be ringing in the middle of a conversation with your date. Also avoid taking it out every now and then to check your messages or missed calls.

3. Never practice bad table manners. It is important to have the proper dining etiquette as you eat out on a date. It would show your date just how educated you are. Avoid eating like you have not eaten for days and avoid getting too drunk. Limit your alcoholic drink to just two glasses. You can always order non-alcoholic ones if your drinks run out.

4. Never discuss controversial topics especially on a first date. You never know if you and your date have the same stand on topics related to politics and religion. This could just be the root of an argument or a debate which could turn your date into a disaster. Also avoid turning talking about your past boyfriends or girlfriends and about the things that you feel wrong in your life. Instead, try talking about general topics or topics that you both love.

5. Never talk on and on without giving the chance for your date to contribute something to the conversation. Make sure that as you voice out your opinion on something, you would be giving the other person a chance to share his or thoughts as well. Listen intently and ask questions to let your date know that you are interested in whatever he or she has to say.

6. Never lie. Being honest is always the way to go, especially in dating. You would find out that by being true to yourself, the other person would see the real you shine through and like you for who you are.