Many guys out there think that you have to have a good job and a loaded bank account to have women left and right. Well, having money can put you in the position to have women but what about the guy who barely has a dime?

Man and Woman in college talkingCollege and high school students aren’t new to this scenario and there is nothing more embarrassing than having only a few bucks on you. The very first thing to do if you are short on cash is ask your family and friends for a quick loan. $20 is a loan that you should be able to pay back quickly and it can go a long way on a date.

If you find that no one will loan you a dime try to find some quick work for a little cash. Do a favor for someone like cleaning a garage or mowing a lawn. There are lots of things that you can do to put some dating cash in your pocket within a day’s time.

Before you go on any date the first thing you need to do is be honest. Tell her that you don’t have a lot of cash but you can still swing a good time. That way you don’t wreck her thoughts of having an expensive dinner at P.F. Chang’s. For a mere $20 you can take your date out to a real restaurant such as Applebees or Chili’s and get stuffed with good food. Look online or in the mail for coupons to use at decent restaurants. You can have a great meal under $20 for you and your date.

So do your do diligence and research things to do on a date that are cheap and even free such as going to the park for a romantic picnic or watching a dollar matinee. Cheap dating is done all of the time and there is no reason why the both of you can’t have a good time.