When you are interested in a woman you don’t want to be put in the friend zone. What is the friend zone? As per the urban dictionary website it is “the seventh level of hell” where despite all of your efforts you are nothing more than a conversation. If there is a woman that you like you must have some quick action tips that will get you in her good graces right away or you will be in the dreaded cage.Man and Woman on a date

Tip #1 : Do not wait!

If there is a female in your life that you talk to and you are truly into her ask her out! The longer you wait to take action the more and more she will see you as “just a friend”. Once you get put in the friend zone there is no way out of it. So you must try to ask her out by making the first move.

Tip #2 : Watch your mouth.

There is nothing more annoying to a woman than to find a man that talks entirely too much. Slow down your conversation and listen to her. Wait until she finishes speaking before you engage in conversation. Get to the point and then let her say what she has to say. If you run over her while she’s discussing something with you or you are just plain not listening, you will find yourself in the friend zone faster than you can say “broken heart”.

Tip #3 : Always be a gentleman.

You should always be on your best behavior with a woman. Open the door for her, take her jacket off when you both walk indoors, and always remember to be charming. You need to make a conscious effort to do everything for her that a thoughtful person would. If you don’t open that car door for her or if you don’t give her your coat when she is obviously freezing, the friend zone is your next bus stop.

Staying out of the friend zone isn’t hard. All you have to do is show some initiative and think about your date before yourself. Remember, never commit the cardinal sin of waiting to long to ask a girl out. There are others out there who she would be more than happy to date and you may not get another shot.