If you like a girl and want to create a relationship with her, you have to know the art to winning her attention. One of the most important things to know is the pickup line that you will use to attract her interest. However, most people feel nervous when they approach a girl for the first time. This can be a big disadvantage for you.Man and woman talking If you want to make your approach more fun, you should use the right pickup lines that will attract her interest quickly. Trust me; your approach shouldn’t be full of nervousness. Here are some pickup line ideas that will make your approach more fun:

Nice thing!

One sentence compliment can give you enough boost in your self-confidence. You don’t need to talk any lame stuff the first time you approach a girl. Just compliment what she is currently wearing and tell her that it’s nice. Before approaching her, look at her and find something that is interesting to you. It can be her bracelet or her necklace or something, and then say the compliment to her like “Hey, nice necklace!” or you can say “Wow, nice hair!” This will help you to start up the conversation. She will say something like “Thank you” or “You noticed it? It is blah blah…” At least this will give you good opportunity to start talking with her.

Confused guy

If you want to start a conversation, you can do it easily by looking confused about the girl. This often happens when we forget someone we’ve meet some time ago. So, it doesn’t hurt to ask her. “Um, are you the girl that was standing in the stadium yesterday?” This is a good pickup line that will open another conversation. She will likely answer you with a rather shocked expression “Yes, how did you know? Are you watching me?” And you can continue the conversation with her. Of course, use this pickup line if you really saw her somewhere in the past. Also, if you already know her name, you can just ask her “Are you Daisy?” and then she will answer “Yes” and you continue “Hello, I’m Donald. I know you from my friend blah blah…” and you can continue the conversation.

Be honest

Just start the conversation by introducing yourself in a relaxed way. For example, “Hello, I’m Donald. I’ve been looking at you for the past five minutes and I guess you are waiting for someone?” The answer can be “yes” or “no”, and she will also introduce herself to you. You can actually start the conversation from there. If she is indeed waiting for someone, you can have a little conversation probably until the one she waited for arrives. Just make sure that she is not waiting for her boyfriend. If the answer is no, you can offer to buy her a drink or a meal. “Well, I know a good place around here. I can buy you a drink if you don’t mind.” This will continue the conversation in the right direction.


Use these pickup lines if you want to make things more fun. If you are enjoying the process, the girl that you approach will enjoy the moment as well. If she enjoys being with you, then you won’t have any difficulty asking her for a first date.