Man flirting with womanWhether you are looking to have some casual fun with an interesting woman or you are looking for someone you can spend the rest of your days with, there are general tips that every man must know in order to be the best date to a woman. Here are some of them.

1. Make sure that you look like you prepared for the date. Do not just wear the first pieces of clothing that you see in your closet. Wear clothes which fit properly, smell clean and make you look your best. Remember that women always check the man’s shoes, as it can tell a lot about the way the man takes care of himself so wear a decent pair.

2. Do everything you can to look clean for your date. Make sure your hair looks clean. Shave excess facial hair. Shower before going on your date. Put on some cologne or perfume that is not too overwhelming. By smelling good and looking good, you would be able to give a great impression to your date.

3. Set your career goals straight. If you already have a good profession, then you have nothing to worry about. Women love going out with men who have ambitions and goals in life. Even if you are not yet successful in the career path you have chosen, make sure that you have short term and long term goals that you have set for yourself. You can talk about this with your date so that she would have an idea of what kind of man you are. Setting goals for yourself would also be beneficial for you.

4. Make sure that you would appear and sound knowledgeable about things. Read the newspapers or watch the news daily. Read on things that you are interested in. That way, you would be able to give an opinion about anything your date talks about. It would also make you sound more interesting and smart.

5. When you go out with your date, make sure that you are polite and well-mannered. Hold the door for her. Pull out a chair for her. These work like a charm. Steer clear of foul words and rude behavior. Do not eat as if you have not eaten for a week. Do not drink too much beer or wine that you end up babbling like a buffoon. Through being decent and refined while still being yourself, your date would be think that you have been brought up well and that you know how to treat a lady.

6. Avoid talking too much about yourself. Instead, let your date talk about the things she loves to do. Ask her questions to let her know that you are interested. Do not dwell on a topic that she obviously seems uninterested in.

7. Do not expect or ask for sex if you are on a first date. If you are looking for a decent relationship with a woman, whether casual or serious, it is important to hold off on the first date.

Through these simple dating tips, you would surely be able to put your best foot forward, allowing you to be the best date you can be to any woman.


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  1. Some obvious tips, but it’s amazing to see how some guys don’t really prepare for the date.

  2. These are very good tips Kim. Thanks for sharing these. I have mentioned your post in my site so your readers can check it out also. Thank you.

  3. Your physical appearance is crucial on a first date. Anything that you can do to enhance your look should be done. Women make up their minds about a man within a few seconds so its important to make a great first impression. Follow that up with your own personality and you are sure to go far with dating.

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