Man and woman walking together

One of the essential things that you need to have when going out on a date is your confidence. However, some individuals, particularly those who do not usually go on dates, find it hard to appear confident in front of another person. Appearing confident is actually an easy thing to do and once you know the basics, you should be able to exude a level of confidence that makes other people want to know you better.

The first thing that you need to focus on is your appearance. Make sure that you have proper hygiene, which would mean that you are clean shaven and are wearing clean and decent clothes. Dress appropriately for the date. For instance if you are going to the park, you would not want to be wearing an outfit that is for visiting the opera. Try to dress in comfortable clothes which let the real you shine through. By making sure that you have an appearance that you feel your best in, your confidence will follow, and you will have an easier time presenting yourself to your date.

You will also need to pay close attention to your body language. You can easily show your date that you are confident by standing up or using proper posture while sitting. Avoid slouching or leaning towards one side. This could make your date feel as if you are uninterested in him or her. As you talk to your date, make sure that you are looking him or her in the eye. Smile a lot and laugh whenever appropriate. Do not interrupt your date or seem as if you are always thinking of what to say next rather than listening to what your date is talking about.

Strive to be a very good listener and conversationalist. Through listening to what your date has to say, you will have a better idea of what he or she is like, giving you more confidence in presenting other conversation topics which he or she would love to talk about. Always ask smart questions and encourage your date to talk more.

Finally, you need to keep your attitude in check. Keep in mind that regardless of how much of a nerd you see yourself, by thinking that you are a confident person, you will be able to let your personality shine through, making your date more interested in what you have to say.