Man and woman on a picnic Whenever you’re ready to finally meet someone for a first date that you met first online, you want to get a really great idea in mind of your first date. Because they can many time be a little difficult for you to work out. There are a lot of things to consider. The final choices will depend on the cost, if you want a daytime or a nighttime date, as well as common interests you have. Since you’ve already met online and have reached this point, it’s safe to say you’ve shared likes and dislikes, common interests, and other personal information. So it should be easy to narrow your date down to something you’ll both enjoy.

It’s probably wise to choose something not so expensive for your first date, with both parties paying their own way so there’s no feeling of obligation between either of you about a second date. Here are some inexpensive dating ideas:

Concerts – Go to an old fashioned concert. These are dates you have to plan ahead for to get your tickets and everything. You both need to be interested in who is giving the concert, and transportation will have to be arranged.

Picnics – For a day time date, this is one of the best. Picnics are great for relaxing and enjoying getting to know someone. Take yourself a basket of good food and a little wine, and just have some fun in the sun. It’s a great atmosphere to talk and interact.

Dinner – An expensive dinner can be a really nice way of meeting for a first date. This kind of date ought to be reserved for a person you feel a particular attraction for. An expensive dinner sends a message that you feel they’re worth the cost, and that a future second date is a definite possibility.

Theaters – Tickets for the theater can be a great first date, especially if you both share enthusiasm about the stage.

Museums/Art Galleries – If both of you enjoy history and art you can try these options. They’re great for sharing a common interest and for breaking the ice. Spending a few hours doing something both of you enjoy is a great way of relieving tension and taking the stress off.

Movies – Movies have been great first dating venues for many years. It allows you to break the ice and at the same time get a handle on each other. You should let your date select the movie to see. Don’t plan anything for after the movie, this decision is best made once you see how it goes. You may want to end it there, but if not, then you have the option to do something else.

These are just a few good ideas to help you out, but of course, it depends on the individuals. Hopefully these can at least give you ideas you can expand upon. Only you and your date can really work out what’s best for your first dates.