Perhaps a better title for this article would be, “Avoiding love in all the wrong places”. You may be motivated and tempted to look for a date at these places, but keep in mind, it will very likely end badly.Man and woman surprised at work

Offices. These places may feel like familiar and non-threatening, but everyone will notice if you are having a relationship with a co-worker and in some cases, this can get you fired. Work is all about professionalism and competence, anything that can interfere with them is poison. Don’t lose your love and your career at the same time! Having a relationship with someone from the office may confuse you, due to the intertwined love life and work life. Additionally, you may become frequent targets of office gossips. It is easy to get tempted to date an attractive coworker, but doing so is often a risky move, so never try it unless you have a plan to change your job in the near future.

Bars. It’s noisy and almost everyone has been ingesting perception-altering substances. You shouldn’t start a relationship based on blurred sensibilities. Besides, bars are sometimes dark and you may not be too sure how the person looks like.

Online. Although you are comfortable with online dating, there are caveats to consider. Online dating is a personal activity and it’s not very smart to use the office computer. You could get fired if busted.  Spend enough time acquainting with someone before meeting him or her offline. Only meet in a controlled, safe place.  Online dating can be very easy and comfortable, so don’t fall into the false sense of intimacy. Avoid divulging any critical information and avoid the “shopping” mentality. Treat people with respect, they are not purchasable items. Your respectful behavior can attract some very good people. Online activity is often about fantasy and it’s easy to get the illusion of intimacy. Before meeting with someone offline, there are all those expectations. But unlike a blind date, there are many things you already know. Don’t use online dating if there is a possibility to find someone in real life.

Single dances. The air is thick with desperation, but if you can have some fun, then it’s probably alright, because you stand out as someone who just wants to have a good time.

Singles weekends. These activities can be stressful and the level of expectations can be really high. Sometimes, you are better off spending your time on bookstores or educational courses.

Singles activities are meant to pair people off, but if they don’t work, it will only add to your sense of loneliness and desperation. If you want to use this technique, make sure you build up enough confidence and experience first.