Finding it hard to get ideas for impressing your date? This is a short guide with five tips that are effective for impressing your lady and throwing her into overdrive.Man and woman on date

Never Talk About Old Relationships

You might have all kinds of precious memories, but she doesn’t really want to hear about them, even if she says she does. She mainly wants to see how YOU feel about them. Too much of the old days will soon make your days with her old days as well. Talk about her life, what she likes and doesn’t, revealing yourself to her in small patches. They lose interest very quickly with someone they believe has trouble letting go of the past. So just stick with how things are now. Be ready to let go, let her know you have plans for your future and it’s about moving on, not looking back.

Making Her Feel Special

When you are able to make your date feel like she’s queen for the day, then you’ve done your job. Women love that feeling, and find it a real turn-on. So show her you enjoy and value her company. Tell her so over a very romantic dinner, with candle-light and maybe a glass of wine. Be the gentlemen, open doors and pull out chairs for her. Stand up for her when someone is rude. Little things like these can mean a lot to women. It shows them you care.

Keep your Attention on Her

You want to always be focused on her. Women demand attention and hate when it strays to other things. They like being the center of your attention. It’s hard not to notice that hot little babe in the corner, but out of respect, try not to be blatantly un-focused. A glance is one thing, a stare is another, and women watch. They really will keep their eyes on you for that wandering eye that they hate so much.

When chatting over dinner, maintain eye contact. Be a good listener, and be interested in what she has to say. Smile when she’s being funny. Compliment her without overdoing it. Be confident but in control.

Be Observant

While on your date, keep your eyes on everything going on while focusing on her. Notice things you have in common and let her know. Remember things like her favorite foods, colors, places, and activities. She will be impressed that you care enough to remember the things she likes about herself. That will make her smile. Little things are what impress a lady, not the big flashy over the top displays.

Be Honest and Sincere

Some people have a problem with being honest right off the bat, especially when it’s totally the right thing to do. You can only find someone who truly loves you when you let them truly know you. And if they aren’t the right one for the real you, then you’ve saved yourself lots of heartaches and headaches simply by being honest about who you are and what you stand for. But don’t just open up your heart and gush. Let it unfold slowly, but always let her see the real you. Even if it’s something not so popular, she’ll respect that you were honest about it.