Dating was once just something people did, but now it’s become a massive industry. You have plenty of options for finding a date today. You could always go to bars and clubs and talk with somebody, or meet someone in a chat room online. You can even hook up with a date on an online matchmaking website. But meeting people really isn’t the problem. You’ve got access to thousands every week, but not very many agree to that great first date, regardless of your wonderful ideas.

Most everybody will go out for dinner or go see a movie. Not only is this type of date boring, but it hardly sets the world on fire. It’s far away from making a memorable statement, and people want to connect in a fun way. One thing you don’t want is sitting in a dark room with 50 other people and not even be able to talk. Below is a list of ideas that should make for a great first date:

Bowling – Any town you can think of has a bowling alley. This is a great place for a first date. It’s relaxing and entertaining, and great for getting people who are a bit shy to open up and talk. There’s a lot of eye contact when you’re bowling and if you joke and play around and laugh at each other, it can be a very pleasant experience and help you do away with the first date jitters. Man and Woman on a Carnival Ride

Festivals – Go to a festival! Maybe it could be an art, music, or drama festival. These are great places to take a date and be entertained and have fun too. You have plenty to talk about right in front of you. I know, not many people think of festivals for first dates, but you can really see if you have anything in common in this kind of setting.

Funfair or a Theme Park – Slip back to childhood days and go let your hair down at a theme park. Remember how much fun that was? It’s easier to talk with someone in a setting that’s fun. This can be a really fun date, and one that both of you will remember.

Picnic – If you aren’t into the old traditional date, then put a spin on it with a picnic. Take a blanket and some good food, pick a day that’s supposed to be sunny, and go out away from everybody. Picnics make great first dates because they are a daytime event, and it’s much easier to relax and really talk with your date. Just always make sure you’re in a safe area, like a public park rather than out in wild blue yonder.

These are a few different suggestions you can try. Maybe now they’ve put your mind in action and you’ve thought of a few of your own. You just want something different that will be enjoyable and enable you to talk with your date, while also having fun. You want the first date to be a memorable occasion.