Man looking at womanWhen it comes to women most men think that they have to be a narcissist to get a woman, believe they need lots of cash, or foolishly think that they are Brad Pitt.  That is a bunch of bull.  If you devote a little time to study what a woman likes you won’t have any trouble landing one. Finding a woman isn’t a difficult task no matter how ugly you think that you are.

Most men fail to realize is that the secret is to establish a deep connection with a woman.  Plain and simple, if you are having a hard time getting girls to like you then you absolutely must work on your ability to communicate and connect with them.  We have some tips that will aid you in delivering fast results with the least amount of effort and headache.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Most people believe that most communication happens without any words being exchanged at all. What this means is that it is not exactly what you say but it how you are saying it.  Women value body language greatly and it is a “sixth sense” that they have to see if you are even worth mating with.

Be Manly

Johann Von Goethe stated that “Boldness is magical”. One thing that you must not do is act timid around a woman when you are trying to impress them. You want to send out signals to her boldly that you are a man, and that you are here to not only date her but to protect her as well.  Women also like a little humor from a guy so tell a joke or two, but do not laugh and act like a fool. This could turn off your love interest completely.  Women cannot stand clumsiness. Be careful with your steps, your movement, and your words because she is watching. A clumsy man is a sure turn off for a woman.

Remember to interact in conversation

A woman is not going to sit there talking to you when you are not listening or showing that you do not care. Try your best to find out what she likes, why she likes it, and how much you enjoy what she likes. Women love a man who establishes a connection and in doing so you will earn lots of brownie points.