Man and woman with different clothing styles

Going on a first date can both be exciting and nerve-racking; but, as long as you act naturally in front of your date and show your true personality, everything can be just fine. It will help immensely if you are comfortably and properly dressed for whatever you have planned, as this could give you the extra confidence that you need. Here are a couple of tips that could help you out on deciding what to wear on a first date.

First off, make sure that you wear something that your date will remember – in a positive way. Try not to dress up like a wallflower, which could make you look too drab or boring; however, you should also try not to dress up like you are making a bold fashion statement. The best thing to do is to wear something simple and comfortable that says a lot about your real personality.

You can also try highlighting your best features by wearing clothes and colors which accentuate them. When choosing, you should also make sure that you are dressing for your age because it can suggest your maturity level. For women, avoid showing too much skin as you could give the wrong impression.

Learn in advance what you may be doing on the date so you can dress accordingly. For instance, if you are planning to watch a ball game, a casual shirt and a pair of shorts would be appropriate for a woman. Never overdress as this could make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. However, if you are planning to watch the opera or have dinner at a classy hotel, then you could wear something more elegant. For women, your little black dress would suffice for dinner. For men, wearing a sport coat with pants would be classy enough for dinner, but for a fancy dinner date, you could wear a dark-colored business suit.

Avoid wearing clothes which make you look like a walking billboard for a particular design house. You could wear one designer piece of clothing or accessory to enhance your outfit, but wearing designer clothing from head to toe would be overkill.

Your clothes can tell a lot about you especially on a first date. By wearing classic pieces which reflect your true style and personality, you will have the confidence that you need to be as beautiful or handsome, and as interesting as you can ever be on a first date.