Dating is a major component for finding that perfect match we all desire. It’s a process of selection, and we need to follow some guidelines for conducting ourselves properly.

To make things easier, we should first be approachable. Then we can meet and make friends, and meet women. The more friends you have, the more access you have to even more people (their friends), and you can get set up with dates. You can be constantly exposed to new activities and places, where you have the chance to meet women.Man and woman on date

When it comes to dating, we have three categories of men; the ones who are good at dating, the ones who haven’t dated for years, and the ones who have never had success with women. Whichever category you fall into, there are some basic rules that can increase your chances of having a successful date.

So finally you get set up on a date, and she’s beautiful. She looks like what you always wanted in a girl, but you’ve only just met, and now you have this wonderful chance to impress her on this date. So to keep it from going badly, keep an eye out for these things:

1. First off, always look your best. You also want to be punctual. Take care of your styling and hygiene. Women like sharp dressed men, just like the song says. But don’t overdo it. The worst thing to do is to be late. Women hate to wait, and especially so on men.

2. Be interested about her. Don’t spend all your time talking and no time listening. A date is for both parties to get to know each other; it’s a ‘sharing’, not a dictation. Show interest in what she says, never making her feel belittled, but appreciated. Let her reveal herself to you. This is one of the best compliments you can give, is that you pay attention to what she says. Be sensitive and pay attention to the little things. Make her feel comfortable.

3. Flatter her and compliment her, but not overly. You know she went to great lengths to look her best, so make her feel it was worth it. Women love to hear they’re pretty and looking good.

4. Be fun. Don’t be uptight, but loose and confident. Make the atmosphere one of relaxed fun and not one of uptightness and boredom. If she enjoys herself, you have a good chance of landing that all-important second date.

5. Be confident in your knowledge of what you do for a living. Be quick to answer questions about your job. Women love for a man to show he can take charge. Be prepared and organized. This will give her the impression you’re capable. Be attentive to her, which is one quality all women love in their potential mate.

6. Never be rude, and don’t get drunk when you’re on a date. Be kind, polite, and courteous at all times, and she’ll admire you for it.

7. Always be confident. This can open up a lot of doors. When you’re confident, those around you have confidence in you too. They will trust you and your abilities much easier if you believe in them first.

8. Don’t make the mistake of dating someone who is married. They usually won’t leave their husband, no matter what they tell you, and you’ll just wind up as her shoulder she cries on, but not her number one. Most of the time, these kinds of relationships are grounded and rooted in lies.