Man and woman on park bench talkingCommunication plays a crucial role in the world of dating. This is a pivotal point so you must learn to communicate well to be able to relate to the person you are on a date with. Women enjoy talking so you need to be as enthusiastic as they are in order to succeed.

One good communication tool is to really listen to what the lady is saying. If she says something and you are not sure what she meant, ask her to explain. This tells her that you do listen and that you are active in the communication. Listening plays a big role in communication and this is one of the secrets to succeeding on a date.

Be supportive with your words. Saying the right words can be comfortable to women. You need to learn how words should be used so that you can be more effective with the words you say. It is true that it is more about how you say something versus the content of what you said. How a woman feels about you has a lot to do with your impact on her.

Compliment women a lot but do not overdo this. This tells her that you enjoy what you are looking at and that she did a good job choosing her clothing for that night. Women need self esteem boosts every now and then so dish out the compliments when you deem fit.

Never mock a woman you are on a date with. Do not criticize her, what she says, or what she does. It tells her that you are more interested on making fun of her than you are on getting to know her. This is not how you want your date to look at you.

Never use profanity even if she herself uses it. This makes you a classless and vulgar man. If you are out with someone classy, this might offend her.

Be relaxed when you are on a date. Being nervous and anxious are common emotions when you are out on a date but you do need to be relaxed for it. Stay calm and think about how you will be going out with someone who is beautiful and who you can have a nice time with. If panic and fear start bubbling up, take a couple of deep breaths to rid yourself of the tension.

Be a good listener. This was mentioned earlier but it is worth mentioning one more time. You should let your date see that you are attentive. Comment on what she says and listen well to her response.

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  1. And, for the nervous types, focus on listening to her so you can discover topics to keep the conversation flowing, and less stressful.

  2. Being interested in what the woman is taking about is probably one of the biggest keys to having an effective conversation. Personally I like the phrase “tell me more” which gets her talking even more about a subject. Also by asking intelligent questions about the topic you prove to be a great conversationalist and someone who is generally interested in what she has to say.

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