Are you really sure about the type of dating partner you want? Have you nailed it down and are sure of what qualities would grab your interest? Man and Woman signs of in-compatibilityIf not, then how will you ever know if the person you’re dating will satisfy you? How will you succeed in this quest, if you yourself don’t know what you’re looking for?

The sad thing is, when we try to buy something, we know just what we’re looking for and try to find it. But when we think about dating, we just leave that a blur. A lot of people have no clue what kind of potential dating partner they want. So let’s look more closely at some qualities that women may possess:

The Intellect – Is someone with a normal amount of intelligence going to satisfy you? Or do you want someone who is quite literate in most anything, and can write volumes about it? What’s your own intellectual level, and what kind of mate would compliment you? This is something you need to give some serious thought to. There have been many relationships destroyed over this one quality alone. It can be a very damaging experience.

The Emotional – What sort of emotional make-up should your potential partner have? Are you going to be alright with someone who is very caring? Or someone whom you care for? Will you want them to have their emotions ruling your mind? Do you want someone who is compassionate or somebody who’s tough and strong emotionally? What about someone who cries at a sad scene? Or somebody who sees the sad scene, and walks away saying ‘this is life’? Emotions are what rule our lives, and you want to find someone who can satisfy you in this area. You also need to understand your own personal emotional make-up.

The Physical – Well, are you looking for that great specimen? A real hunk or beauty? Are you going to be happy if this woman falls a bit short intellectually but does have a fantastic body? Or are you more into intelligence than physique? Will you compromise one for the other? These are things you need to think about.

Create a list of all the questions you can think of concerning emotions that want out of your potential partner. Try to find these things out about her before you proceed any further with dating them. If they have a short fuse and you can’t stand anger, then it’s not a good match. Define what your priorities are.

Once we know just what it is we’re looking for, we’ll no longer waste time on things that are dead end roads. Don’t just date hoping that fate will bring you the right person. Give fate a break, and know what you want from the start.